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    Ron Tucker - BEHOLD HIS MAJESTY - 1983

    Track list:
    01 Majesty
    02 Sacrifice Of Praise
    03 In Him We Live
    04 Ah Lord God
    05 It Is A Good Thing
    06 We Bring The Sacrifice Of Praise (Reprise)
    07 I Will Love Thee
    08 Let All Those
    09 Thou Shalt Love The Lord
    10 Your Name Is Higher
    11 Glorify Your Name
    12 Holy Holy Holy
    13 O Lord God Of Israel
    14 Worthy Is The Lamb
    15 Stand Up And Bless
    16 Path Of The Righteous
    17 O Clap Your Hands
    18 Let Us Adore
    19 Sing Hallelujah
    20 Let Us Adore (Reprise)
    21 Glory Hallelujah
    22 Our God Reigns
    23 Joy To The World
    24 You Are My Strength
    25 Praise The Name Of Jesus

    HM02 LET PRAISE ARISE/John Sellers 1984
    John Sellers - LET PRAISE ARISE

    Track list:
    01 Praise The Lord O Jerusalem
    02 I Will Sing For The Mercies Of The Lord
    03 Sing For Joy In The Lord
    04 He Rules By His Might Forever
    05 Let Praise Arise
    06 You Are Crowned With Many Crowns
    07 Rejoice, Rejoice
    08 Exalt The Lord Our God
    09 All Earth Shall Worship You
    10 Come Into The Holy Of Holies
    11 Out Of My Love For You
    12 For Thou, O Lord
    13 Alleluia, Salvation And Glory
    14 Dwelling Place Medley
    15 Holy Is The Precious Blood Of Jesus


    HM03 ALL HAIL KING JESUS / Kent Henry Worship Leader 1985
    Kent Henry - All Hail King Jesus (1985)


    Track list:
    01. Arise, Shine
    02. Let Your Spirit Rise Within Me
    03. I Will Arise
    04. Let God Arise
    05. Shout Joyfully
    06. O Magnify The Lord
    07. Bless Ye The Lord
    08. Praise To The King
    09. Now Unto The King Eternal
    10. Let There Be Glory, Honor And Praise
    11. All Hail King Jesus
    12. Lift Up Your Heads
    13. Praise The Name Of Jesus, Praise The Son Of God
    14. Holy Ground
    15. Oh The Glory Of Your Presence
    16. Hosanna (Holy, Holy, Holy)


    HM04 TO HIM WHO SITS ON THE THRONE / Charlie LeBlanc 1986
    Charlie LeBlanc - To Him Who Sits On The Throne


    Track list:
    01. Shout Joyfully
    02. I Will Sing
    03. I Will Bless Thee, O Lord
    04. Jesus, Name Above All Names
    05. I Will Come and Bow Down
    06. Worthy Is the Lamb
    07. Exalt the Lord Our God
    08. More Than Conquerors
    09. Christ in You
    10. Exalt the Lord Our God
    11. Hosanna
    12. Magnify the Lord and Sing
    13. To Him Who Sits on the Throne


    HM05 GLORY TO THE KING / LaMar Boschman 1986
    LaMar Boschman - Glory to the KING (1986)


    Track list:
    01.- Glory To The King
    02.- The Lord Reigns
    03.- He Reigns On High
    04.- The Lord Reigneth
    05.- It Is Good
    06.- You Make Me Lie Down In Green Pastures
    07.- I Will Praise You Lord
    08.- Sing Unto The Lord
    09.- Nothing But The Blood
    10.- O The Blood Of Jesus
    11.- Come Into The Kings Chambers
    12.- More Precious Than Silver
    13.- Thou Art Worthy Great Jehovah
    14.- Hail To The King
    15.- To Thee We Ascribe Glory

    HM06 I EXALT THEE /Pete Sanchez, Jnr. 1986
    Pete Sanchez, Jr. - I Exalt Thee (1986)


    Track list:
    01. What a Might God
    02. Chosen Generation
    03. We Are Able
    04. There Is Power in the Blood
    05. Are You Washed in the Blood
    06. Victory in Jesus
    07. Chosen Generation (Reprise)
    08. Enter into His Gates
    09. Oh Bless the Lord My Soul
    10. Holiness into the Lord
    11. Great Is Your Love
    12. Come into the Holy of Holies
    13. Your Glorious Throne
    14. Who Is Like Our God


    HM07 GIVE THANKS /Don Moen 1986
    Don Moen – Give Thanks 


    Track list:
    01 Give Thanks
    02 Let The Redeemed
    03 Ah, Lord God
    04 What A Mighty God We Serve
    05 I Will Celebrate
    06 Jehovah-Jireh
    07 I Am The God That Healeth Thee
    08 I Will Bless The Lord
    09 My Soul Follows Hard After Thee
    10 Lord, I'm Gonna Love You
    11 Like A Shepherd
    12 Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord
    13 Worthy, You Are Worthy
    14 You Are My God
    15 Give Thanks (Reprise)


    HM08 GLORIFY THY NAME /Kent Henry 1986
    Kent Henry - Glorify Thy Name (1986)


    Track list:
    01. He Is Exalted
    02. You Are Crowned With Many Crowns
    03. In Him We Live
    04. We Bring The Sacrifice Of Praise
    05. It Is Good To Give Thanks
    06. Thou Art A Shield For Me
    07. Let God Arise
    08. Victory song (Through Our God)
    09. For The Lord Is Marching On
    10. No Condemnation
    11. You Are My Hiding Place
    12. Let Us Adore
    13. I Worship You Almighty God
    14. When I Look Into Your Holiness
    15. Glorify Thy Name


    HM09 YOU ARE MY GOD /Jeff Hamlin 1986
    Jeff Hamlin - You Are my God (1986)


    Track list:
    01. We Are Children Of The King
    02. God Is My Refuge
    03. Hallelujah! Our God Reigns
    04. Make Mention That His Name Is Exalted
    05. Sing Unto The Lord
    06. Trees Of The Field
    07. Go Forth
    08. Be Exalted, O God
    09. For You Are My God
    10. Blessing, Glory And Honor
    11. Worthy The Lamb That Was Slain
    12. O Worship The Lord
    13. Return Unto Thy Rest
    14. Exalt The Lord Our God
    15. I Extol You


    HM10 PRAISE AND HONOR /Daniel Gardner 1987
    Daniel Gardner - PRAISE AND HONOR


    Track list:
    01.Come Sing a New Psalm
    02.Come Let Us Offer
    03.I Will Worship You Lord
    04.I Will Love Thee
    05.I Will Worship You Lord (reprise)
    06.Who Is God Besides Our Lord
    07.Blessed Be the Rock
    08.Fear Not
    09.Be Bold, Be Strong
    10.We Will Triumph in the Lord
    11.People of God
    12.As the Deer
    13.O Lord God of Israel
    14.In Moments Like These
    15.Holy Is the Lord of Hosts
    16.Amen! Praise and Honor


    HM11 I WILL REJOICE / David Butterbaugh 1987
    David Butterbaugh - I WILL REJOICE


    Track list:
    01 Come Let Us Sing For Joy
    02 Oil Of Gladness
    03 I Will Rejoice
    04 I Love To Praise Him
    05 O How Lovely
    06 As David Did
    07 The Sound Of Joyful Shouting
    08 I Will Praise Him With My Whole Heart
    09 Blessed Be The Lord God Almighty
    10 Hes Our Vistorious King
    11 I Will Give You Praise (Only You)
    12 I Worship You Lord
    13 Holy Is My God And King
    14 There Is None Holy As The Lord
    15 O Lord Our Lord
    16 Now Unto Him


    HM12 ARISE AND SING /David Grothe 1987
    David Grothe - Arise and Sing (1987)


    Track list:
    01. How Excellent Is Thy Name
    02. Hosanna
    03. Arise And Sing
    04. I Will Rejoice
    05. O Clap Your Hands
    06. Rejoice And Be Exceedingly Glad
    07. Blessing And Honor
    08. Hallelujah!
    09. You're Alive Forevermore
    10. Hallowed Be Thy Name
    11. We Give You Praise
    12. See His Glory
    13. Jesus, You Alone Are Worthy
    14. My All In All
    15. Lord's Prayer, The


    HM13 MIGHTY WARRIOR /Randy Rothwell 1987
    Randy Rothwell - Mighty Warrior


    Track list:
    01. Victors In Christ
    02. Great And Mighty Army
    03. Arise Praise His Name
    04. Arise In The Name Of Jesus
    05. Make A Joyful Noise
    06. Thanks Be To God
    07. Lord Is Building Jerusalem, The
    08. God Of Israel Is Mighty, The
    09. Blow The Trumpet In Zion
    10. Lift High The Lord Our Banner
    11. Mighty Warrior
    12. O Come Let Us Sing For Joy


    HM14 LAMB OF GOD /Jim Gilbert(James M. Gilbert) 1987
    Jim Gilbert(James M. Gilbert) - LAMB OF GOD


    Track list:
    01 Great Is the Lord
    02 Rejoice
    03 Let Praise Arise
    04 Sing for Joy in the Lord
    05 His Love Endures Forever
    06 Lord Have Mercy
    07 Lamb of God
    08 My Heart Overflows
    09 Think About His Love
    10 The Lord Thy God
    11 Think About His Love (Reprise)
    12 The Steadfast Love of the Lord
    13 Thou Art Worthy
    14 Song for the Nations


    HM15 IN HIS PRESENCE /Kent Henry 1987
    Kent Henry - In His Presence (1987)


    Track list:
    01. He Has Made Me Glad
    02. Crowned With Mercy
    03. Lion Of Judah
    04. He's Worthy To Be Praised
    05. Sing Unto The Lord
    06. He That Is In Us
    07. The Battle Belongs To The Lord
    08. Praise Him
    09. Hear My Cry
    10. Have Mercy On Me
    11. All Consuming Fire
    12. Take Me In
    13. We Love You, Lord


    HM16 STEADFAST LOVE /Don Moen 1988
    Don Moen - Steadfast Love


    Track list:
    01 Hosanna! Our Lord Liveth
    02 The Name Of The Lord
    03 Rejoice In The Lord
    04 Lift Up Your Countenance
    05 We Bow Down
    06 O Lord My God
    07 Give Praise To Jesus
    08 Your Steadfast Love
    09 Great Are You Lord
    10 You Are My Everything
    11 Who Is Like Unto Thee
    12 For His Name Is Exalted"
    13 My God My God
    14 Great Is Thy Faithfulness


    HM17 HIS WORD /David W. Morris 1988
    David W. Morris - HIS WORD


    Track list:
    01 Thy Word
    02 Walking In The Spirit
    03 Were A City Not Forsaken
    04 Blessing Glory And Honor
    05 Let Us Exalt His Name
    06 Worthy Of Praise
    07 We Will Glorify
    08 He That Dwelleth In The Secret Place
    09 Lets Take Time
    10 We Are An Offering
    11 For You Are Glorious
    12 Forever O Lord
    13 Doxology


    HM18 FOREVER GRATEFUL /Martin J. Nystrom 1988
    Martin J. Nystrom - FOREVER GRATEFUL


    Track list:
    01. Shine Down
    02. Why So Downcast?
    03. I Will Bless the Lord
    04. I Will Call Upon the Lord
    05. Oh Lord, Our Lord
    06. Prince of Peace You Are
    07. Forever Grateful
    08. Shepherd of My Soul
    09. Savior Like a Shepherd Lead Us
    10. Faithful and Just
    11. I Hear Angels
    12. Lord of My Heart


    HM19 THE SOLID ROCK /Joseph Garlington 1988
    Joseph Garlington - The Solid Rock


    Track list:
    01. Come Into His Presence
    02. Thou Shalt Love The Lord
    03. I Will Sing Of The Mercies Of The Lord Forever
    04. Blessed Be Your Glorious Name
    05. My Life Is In You, Lord
    06. Hosanna
    07. Revival In The Land
    08. Cornerstone
    09. Solid Rock, The
    10. Rock Of My Salvation
    11. Change My Heart, Oh God
    12. More Than Anything
    13. Praise The Lord
    14. Bless His Holy Name
    15. Worthy Is The Lamb


    HM20 ARMY OF GOD /Randy Rothwell 1988
    Randy Rothwell - Army of God 


    Track list:
    01. Glory, Glory To The King
    02. The Mighty One Of Israel
    03. not By Might Nor Power
    04. Jesus, Jesus, Glorious One
    05. Salvation Belongs To Our God
    06. Bring Forth The Royal Robe
    07. Raise Up An Army
    08. Go Forth
    09. Heal Our Land
    10. All We Like Sheep
    11. Yahweh Is Holy
    12. For This Purpose
    13. Battle Hymn


    HM21 LORD OF ALL /Charlie LeBlanc 1988
    Charlie LeBlanc - LORD OF ALL


    Track list:
    01 Come and Worship
    02 I Will Sing Praise
    03 Celebrate Jesus
    04 Come and Worship (Reprise)
    05 Clap Your Hands
    06 Lord of All
    07 Let Us Proclaim His Majesty
    08 Hallelujah! The Lord Our God Reigns
    09 Joy to the World
    10 God Is My Refuge
    11 You Are the Mighty King
    12 The Sweetest Name of All
    13 Holy Is the Precious Blood of Jesus
    14 Here in Your Presence
    15 O Come Let Us Adore Him


    HM22 ENTER HIS GATES /Martin J. Nystrom 1989
    Martin J. Nystrom - ENTER HIS GATES


    Track list:
    01 Enter His Gates
    02 The Celebration Song
    03 King Of Kings
    04 Awake O Israel
    05 The Zeal Of God
    06 The Path Of The Righteous
    07 Stand Up
    08 Blessed Be The Lord
    09 One Voice
    10 Trust In The Lord
    11 With All My Heart
    12 You Have Been Given
    13 I Sing Praises
    14 Hymn Of Glory
    15 Great Is The Lord


    HM23 THE LORD REIGNS /Bob Fitts 1989
    Bob Fitts - THE LORD REIGNS


    Track list:
    01.The Lord Is Come
    02.The Lord Our God Is With Us
    03.Victory Chant
    04.Above All Else
    05.We Declare That The Kingdom Of God Is Here
    06.The Lord Reigns
    07.One God
    08.The Lord Reigns (reprise)
    09.He Is Lovely
    10.Unto You
    11.I Stand In Awe
    12.I Will Magnify
    13.Crown Him With Many Crowns


    HM24 BLESS THE LORD /Don Moen 1989
    Don Moen - Bless the Lord 


    Track list:
    01 Jesus You're Worthy
    02 I Will Bless The Lord At All Times
    03 Jesus You're Worthy (Reprise)
    04 Boundless Love
    05 I Was Glad
    06 Boundless Love (Reprise)
    07 The Lord Is My Strength Et My Song
    08 The Lord Is My Light
    09 We Lift Up A Shout
    10 I Want To Be Where You Are
    11 Here We Are
    12 There's Glory All Around
    13 Worthy Is The Lamb
    14 This Is My Holy Place


    HM25 MIGHTY GOD /J. Daniel Smith 1989
    J. Daniel Smith - MIGHTY GOD


    Track list:
    01. Lift Up Your Voices
    02. My Help Comes From The Lord
    03. Mighty Is Our God
    04. Great And Mighty Is He
    05. Hosanna Hosanna
    06. Praise Him
    07. He Is The King
    08. Awesome God
    09. He Who Began A Good Work
    10. God Is The Strength Of My Life
    11. Lord You Are The Holy One
    12. Thy Name
    13. We Give Thanks
    14. Holy Holy Holy


    HM26 MY REFUGE /Kent Henry 1989
    Kent Henry - My Refuge (1989)


    Track list:
    01. As I Praise and Worship You
    02. We Have Come to Glorify
    03. How Great, How Glorious
    04. Worship the King
    05. Shield About Me
    06. O Lord, You're Beautiful
    07. You're My Refuge
    08. Hiding Place
    09. How Lovely Are Thy Dwelling Places
    10. Yet Will I Praise Thee
    11. Lead Me to the Rock
    12. Rock of My Salvation
    13. Jehovah-Nissi


    HM27 WE HAVE OVERCOME /Virgil Mears 1989
    Virgil Meares - We Have Overcome (1989)


    Track list:
    01. The Lord Is A Sun And Shield
    02. The Lord Lives
    03. Rejoice, Rejoice
    04. My Glory And The Lifter Of My Head
    05. He Is The King Of Kings
    06. Rejoice, Rejoice (Reprise)
    07. Rejoice For The Steps
    08. God Has Given Us The City
    09. No Weapon Formed
    10. Shout For He Has Given Us The City
    11. The Spirit Of Power
    12. We Serve The Mighty God
    13. I Am Free
    14. Hallelujah! Jesus Christ Is Lord
    15. There Is A Fountain Filled With Blood
    16. If God Be For Us
    17. We Have Overcome


    HM28 VICTOR’S CROWN /Robert Gay 1989
    Robert Gay - VICTOR’S CROWN


    Track list:
    01 More Than Conquerors
    02 Praise To The Holy One
    03 More Than Conquerors (Reprise)
    04 Mighty Man Of War
    05 Come And Rejoice
    06 I Praise Your Majesty
    07 People Of The Lord
    08 Sing To God
    09 Teach Me Your Ways
    10 On Bended Knee
    11 All Creation Worships You
    12 Victors Crown
    13 No Other Name


    HM29 ARISE, O GOD /LaMar Boschman 1990
    LaMar Boschman - ARISE, O GOD


    Track list:
    01. Bless The Lord
    02. Blessing And Glory
    03. Give Unto The Lord
    04. You Alone Are My Rock
    05. Clap, Clap Your Hands
    06. How Magnificent
    07. Arise, O God
    08. Let God Arise
    09. I Was Made To Praise You
    10. He Is The Living God
    11. Let's Glorify Jesus
    12. King Is On His Throne, The
    13. High And Lifted Up
    14. Behold The Lamb


    HM30 AMAZING LOVE /Graham Kendrick 1990
    Graham Kendrick - AMAZING LOVE


    Track list:
    01 The Feast
    02 O Magnify The Lord
    03 You Have Called Us
    04 Send Us Forth
    05 Go Forth In His Name
    06 Amazing Love
    07 You Have Been Good
    08 Only By Grace
    09 Hear My Cry
    10 Shine Jesus Shine
    11 Light High The Cross
    12 Lift High The Banners Of Love
    13 Shine Jesus Shine (reprise)


    HM31 EXALT THE LORD /Eugene Greco 1990
    Eugene Greco - EXALT THE LORD


    Track list:
    01 I Will Sing to the Lord Forever
    02 Arise, O Lord
    03 Be Bold and Be Strong
    04 God Is Gone up With a Shout
    05 Our God Is Lifted Up
    06 My Soul Magnifies the Lord
    07 Our God Is Lifted Up (Reprise)
    08 Exalt the Lord
    09 Purify My Heart
    10 Great Is Your Mercy
    11 How Majestic
    12 In the Presence
    13 I Want to Be More Like You


    HM32 SEE HIS GLORY /Billy Funk 1990
    Billy Funk - SEE HIS GLORY


    Track list:
    01. Sing Shout Clap
    02. Jesus We Celebrate Your Victory
    03. Blessed Be the Lord
    04. We Rejoice in the Grace of God
    05. We See Your Glory
    06. O'Most High
    07. Spirit Says Arise
    08. You Alone Are Holy
    09. You Alone
    10. We Exalt You
    11. You Reign With Power
    12. Honor and Glory


    HM33 SHOUTS OF JOY /Ed Gungor 1990
    Ed Gungor - Shouts of Joy (1990)


    Track list:
    01. My Trust Is in the Name of the Lord
    02. Clap Your Hands
    03. This Is the Day
    04. Clap Your Hands (Reprise)
    05. From the Rising of the Sun
    06. O, Clap Your Hands
    07. For the Lord He Is Great
    08. You Are the Light of My Soul
    09. Shouts of Joy
    10. How Good It Is
    11. All of My Life
    12. You're the Love of My Life
    13. O How I Love Thy Law
    14. The Law of the Lord Is Perfect
    15. I Bow My Knee -
    16. Exalted

    HM34 ETERNAL GOD /Don Moen 1990
    Don Moen - Eternal God


    Исполнитель: Don Moen
    Альбом: ETERNAL GOD
    Дата выпуска: 1990
    Формат ¦ Качество: MP3 ¦ 128 kbps
    Размер файла: 39,8 Mb
    Track list:
    01 I Will Come To You
    02 God With Us
    03 God Is Good
    04 Now Unto The King Eternal
    05 Praise Looks Good On You
    06 Let Me Be A Sacrifice
    07 More Than Anythin
    08 All Things
    09 God Will Make A Way
    10 You Are Eternal
    11 Ascribe Greatness
    12 It Is Well With My Soul
    13 I Will Come To You (Reprise)


    HM35 WORSHIP THE KING /Randy Rothwell - 1990 Winter
    Randy Rothwell - WORSHIP THE KING


    Track list:
    01 Lift Up Your Voices
    02 You Are The King
    03 Who is Like Thee
    04 By the Blood of the Lamb
    05 The Earth Shakes
    06 Jesus Shall Reign
    07 The Apostles
    08 We Believe
    09 We Lift Up Your Name
    10 Holy is Your Name
    11 All the Earth
    12 The Earth Shall Be Filled
    13 You Are Lord of Heaven
    14 Around Your Throne
    15 God Has Highly Exalted You
    16 The Earth Shall Be Filled (reprise)


    HM36 JESUS IS ALIVE /Ron Kenoly 1992
    Ron Kenoly - Jesus is Alive (1992)


    Track list:
    01. Let There Be Joy
    02. Hallowed Be Thy Name
    03. Thine Is The Kingdom
    04. Rock Of Ages
    05. Making War In The Heavenlies
    06. We Are Possessing
    07. Jesus Is Alive
    08. Lord Youre The One
    09. Keeper Of My Heart
    10. You Are The Holy One
    11. Holy Lord
    12. Be Glorified
    13. Redeemed


    HM37 COME TO THE TABLE /Martin J. Nystrom 1991
    Martin J. Nystrom - COME TO THE TABLE


    Track list:
    01 - All Creatures of Our God and King/Doxology
    02 - The Lord Is Marching Out
    03 - Sing and Be Glad in Him
    04 - He Put a New Song
    05 - Under the Blood
    06 - I Am Not My Own
    07 - He Whom the Son Sets Free
    08 - I'm So Glad
    09 - Your Love
    10 - Your Grace Is Sufficient
    11 - Come to the Table
    12 - Remember Me
    14 - By Your Blood
    15 - I Will Praise Him
    16 - Here I Am
    17 - Lord, Send Me


    HM38 PURE HEART /Lenny LeBlanc 1991
    Lenny LeBlank - Pure Heart (1991)


    Track list:
    1. Worthy Is the Lamb
    2. You Are My Rock
    3. Praise Him
    4. Praise the Lord
    5. With My Whole Heart
    6. You Are Lifted High
    7. Pure in Heart
    8. Into Your Courts
    9. Under the Shadow
    10. O God, You Are My God
    11. With Our Hearts
    12. Be Exalted
    13. There Is None Like You


    HM39 CROWN HIM - PUBLIC PRAISE /Graham Kendrick 1991
    Graham Kendrick - CROWN HIM - PUBLIC PRAISE


    Track list:
    01 History Makers
    02 From The Sun's Rising
    03 Go Forth In His Name
    04 For This Purpose
    05 Here Is Love
    06 Lead Me To The Cross
    07 Join Our Hearts
    08 Cross Every Border
    09 All The Glory
    10 Open The Gates
    11 Christ Is The King Of All Creation
    12 Lift Up Your Heads
    13 Crown Him With Many Crowns
    14 The Apostle's Creed
    15 I Delight
    16 Lord, Have Mercy (Prayer Song)
    17 O Give Thanks
    18 Heaven Is In My Heart: Heaven Is In My Heart/God Is So Good/Amazing Grace
    19 Psalm 24:7 Proclamation
    20 Say Yes
    21 And He Shall Reign
    22 All Hail The Power


    HM40 THE HIGHEST PLACE /Bob Fitts 1992
    Bob Fitts - Highest Place (1992)


    Track list:
    1. Heaven Is in My Heart
    2. Glory, Glory Lord
    3. By the Power of the Name of Jesus
    4. The Lord Is in My Light
    5. Heaven Is in My Heart (Reprise)
    6. Sure Foundation
    7. Jesus Christ Is Lord
    8. O Deliverer
    9. One of Us
    10. Keep on Praying
    11. Join Our Hearts
    12. Highest Place
    13. Holy Lamb of God
    14. Your Name Is Jesus


    HM41 UP TO ZION /Paul Wilbur 1992 Winter
    Paul Wilbur - Up To Zion (1992)


    Track list:
    01.I Hear A Sound
    02.The Day Of The Lord
    03.It Is Good
    04.Bless The Lord
    05.Let Us Rejoice And Be Glad
    06.Praise The Lord
    07.Let Us Rejoice And Be Glad (reprise)
    08.Ascribe To The Lord
    09.He Shall Reign
    10.We Give You Thanks
    11.By Your Blood
    12.Worthy Is The Lamb
    13.Great And Marvelous
    14.Worthy Is The Lamb(reprise)
    15.Who Is Like Thee (Mikamocha)
    16.The Song Of Moses
    17.Come Let Us Go Up To Zion
    18.Come Let Us Go Up


    HM42 CHOSEN TREASURE /Bob Kauflin 1992
    Bob Kauflin - Chosen Treasure (1992)


    Track list:
    01. How Great Is Your Love (How High and How Wide)
    02. We Give Thanks
    03. We've Been Chosen
    04. Anchor Beyond the Veil
    05. Treasured Possession
    06. We Worship You
    07. You Are My God
    08. On Our Side
    09. We Belong to You Alone
    10. We Are Your Treasure
    11. Thank You for the Cross
    12. You Sat Down
    13. How Great Is Your Love (How High and How Wide) (Reprise)



    HM43 ALL NATIONS WORSHIP /Mark Conner 1991(1992 Release)


    Track list:
    01. We Will Stand
    02. Rise Up
    03. We Serve A God Of Power
    04. You Are Greater
    05. We Have A Vision
    06. Lord, We Long For You
    07. We Are Your Church
    08. People Of All Nations
    09. Here We Are
    10. Your Loving Kindness
    11. Praise To You
    12. Extol The Name
    13. Crown Him
    14. People Of All Nations (reprise)


    Ron Kenoly - Lift Him Up


    Track list:
    01. Lift Him Up
    02. Mourning Into Dancing
    03. Righteousness, Peace & Joy
    04. The Solid Rock
    05. Let Everything That Has Breath
    06. We Will Wait
    07. Ancient of Days
    08. Hallowed Be Your Name
    09. Anointing Fall on Me
    10. All Honour
    11. We're Going Up to the High Places
    12. Whose Report Shall You Believe
    13. Worship the Lord
    14. I Call Him Up (Can't Stop Praisin')



    HM45 TAKE THE CITY - PUBLIC PRAISE /Rusty Nelson 1992


    Track list:
    01. Let's Go Take This City
    02. Shout It Loud
    03. Spirit Of The Lord, The
    04. Draw Them Near
    05. Sing Hallelujah
    06. We're Not Ashamed
    07. We Take A Stand
    08. I Believe In Jesus
    09. Pure Heart, A
    10. Create In Me A Clean Heart
    11. Come Into The Heavenlies
    12. Still Amazing
    13. Amazing Grace
    14. Let's Go Take This City (reprise)


    HM46 ALL HAIL THE POWER /David Ritter 1992
    David Ritter - ALL HAIL THE POWER


    Track list:
    01. Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee
    02. Come Bless the Lord
    03. Praise the Lord
    04. Oh Lord, I Worship You
    05. Praise Ye the Lord
    06. We Give You Glory
    07. All Hail the Power
    08. Finlandia Medley
    09. Let Your Spirit Come
    10. Pour Out Your Spirit
    11. Be Strong and Take Courage
    12. Power and Might
    13. I Will Build My Church

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